Welcome to Baltimore Elite Martial Arts Academy

Iím sorry to say I will no longer be operating Baltimore Elite and the school will be closing this June. Master Shelley, owner of Tiger Paw Martial Arts is providing discounts for our students to come to her program. Ms. Angel and the Summer Camp and After School counselors will be running our camp program at Tiger Paw. Mr. Jimbo, Ms. Holly and I will be assisting and teaching as needed to help students transition. Existing and previous students are welcome, as are anyone interested in our program who hasnít began yet. Both Summer Camp and Martial Arts classes are opening on June 22, 2020. Here is Tiger Pawís information:

Tiger Paw Martial Arts
Email: tigerpawma@comcast.net
117 Beacon Rd, Middle River, MD 21220


A personal note: I consider what the government did to our business to be extremely unfair. On March 26, the Governor said we would remain open. On March 29, they closed us and funneled everyone to pre-approved State Run facilities. This extra measure was intentional and had nothing to do with covid19 safety.

Iíve spent over 20 years in this building. The school was owned from 1991 to 1999 (8 years) by the first owner, from 1999 to 2006 (7 years) by the second owner and by Baltimore Elite since 2006 (14+ years). Teaching martial arts and working with children is a very personal and special thing to me. Just about every full-time employee Iíve ever had gave up more money elsewhere to work here, including me. We do it because we love it. Losing it under these conditions is horrible. Itís not just a paycheck. I can go somewhere else and get that. But Iíll miss playing catch with the students before After School class, or playing Monkey Ball on the game system with the kids, or tying black belts on students and watching their parents cry. And Iíll miss the employees. We have a great time here. Itís why so many stay for so long and why summer camp employees come back year after year.

Saving the best for last, Iíll miss all of our students, past and present, most of all. Iíll miss our conversations and watching the kids grow in our program. You all have been great and Iíve received so many supportive emails from everyone. Itís lifted my spirit and helped me to make the best decisions I can through all of this. Iím very hopeful that you decide to continue at Tiger Paw Martial Arts and that Iíll be able to see you continue your training there. I always envisioned that when the time came for me to move on, Iíd sell the business to another to carry it forward. I wonít get to do that, but I sincerely hope your training and camp programs continue. Thatís the entire reason Iím volunteering my time to help make this happen.

I will still have my email Rick@bemaa.com through this transition and for any questions related to your training, programs or whatever, but feel free to reach out to me at my farm email, Rick@thestablesatwintersrun.com in the future as well.

Other than volunteering at Tiger Paw, I donít know exactly where Iíll go from here, but Iím going to start by spending more time with my kids at home on the farm. If anyone needs honey, maple syrup, eggs, goat milk, cheese or butter, fresh berries, etc. let me know. ??

Master Rick


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