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Baltimore Elite Self Defense Training

Baltimore Elite offers Self Defense Training in three ways:

  • Scheduled Training Classes - work out with others in our program in our martial arts classes
  • Private Instruction - schedule time 1 on 1 with an instructor
  • Private / Public Self Defense course- Come with your own group, or join one of our public groups for a self defense course.


Learning to defend yourself from an unwanted encounter is as important as installing smoke detectors or wearing your seatbelt. Simply by attending martial arts self defense classes you can learn the skills to reduce your risk of injury to you or your family if a conflict should occur.

In our self defense classes, you’ll not only learn the physical skills to protect yourself, but you’ll also learn valuable mental skills regarding decision making before and during a conflict. These decisions can make the difference between a good outcome and an unwanted outcome.

If person or family protection is important to you, call Baltimore Elite Martial Arts Academy (410-663-9123) today to schedule an introduction to our program.


Weapon Defense

Weapon defense can be intimidating. Let our qualified instructors teach you the fundamentals and techniques that can save your life.

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