Welcome to our Children's Martial Arts Program

Our Children's Martial Arts Classes are divided into 3 training levels:

We offer classes 6 days per week and you can choose your own schedule by selecting classes on any day that meet your child's age and rank. Baltimore Elite Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to the total development and wellness of all of our students. We focus on teaching Self Respect, Self Discipline, Self Control & Self Confidence.

Programs within your training program:

  • Academic Achiever: Students may bring in their good report card for a free patch and additional blue stars!
  • Student of the Month: Students who show the best attitude and effort will be recognized and receive a special belt they can wear for the month.
  • Weapons Training: Weapon's training is provided free for all members, but you must purchase your weapons and cases so that you can practice at home as you progress.
  • Team Training: Baltimore Elite has 4 teams that provide extra training and benefits. Team training is provided with no additional training fees although sometimes there are extra fees for events, equipment or travel. Every student selects a team when they sign up. You can change your team at any time or be part of more than one team. To earn a 1st Dan you must participate in at least 1 event from each team and 8 events overall.

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